It's February!
Ditch all the nonsense of January resolutions
rooted in guilt and shame.

Instead, prioritize pleasure.

Commit to orgasms.

The Pleasure Pledge is about celebrating the female orgasm absolutely!
But it isn't ONLY about orgasms.

Deepening into your connection to self whether it is unapologetically carving out time for yourself, nourishing your senses, or enjoying your favorite toy is the TRUE spirit of the Pleasure Pledge.

The Pleasure Pledge was very intentionally named. It's about pleasure first
orgasmic and otherwise.

It's a pledge, NOT a challenge.
There is no such thing as failing.
As we continue to individually and collectively stand for for women's empowerment,
the 2018 Pleasure Pledge is
an accessible and radical action step.
"The Pleasure Pledge felt like a giant permission slip for pleasure. At the time of my first pledge, I was fully entrenched in the doing, doing, doing, stressed out, pushing myself way of being.

The pledge and O'actually were the start of me discovering a more pleasurable way of living life and ignited a ripple effect which has without a doubt changed my life for the better."

- Rachel Sizemore, Life Coach, Speaker, and Writer
"Kit and O'actually's Pleasure Pledge was a BLAST!

A friend encouraged me to sign-up at just the right time.  I was going through quite a funk, and needed something fun and playful to look forward to each day.

I highly recommend you check it out if you are looking to prioritize your pleasure and have fun doing it!"

- Amanda Testa, Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach
A Pleasure Manifesto
The world is craving more genuinely nourished, unapologetic, and embodied women.
Our coming into deeper connection and appreciation for our sexuality, sexual pleasure, and orgasms is key to empowering ourselves and healing the planet.
Watch Kit's talk about the importance of celebrating women's sexuality - including solo-sex and female orgasms.